Sarah began practicing yoga in 1997.  She started with a Beginner’s Hatha Yoga series taught by Becky Jordan at the Yoga Institute in Houston, and, from there, moved to an Anusara practice at the Heart of Texas Yoga studio when she and Becky both, coincidentally, ended up living in the tiny town of Wimberley, in the Hill Country of Central Texas.  Taking time off here and there,  Sarah always returned to yoga as her preferred method of exercise and stress management.  Along the way, she dabbled in other styles of yoga:  Bikram, Iyengar, Kundalini, and Vinyasa.  In 2009, Sarah began strictly practicing Asthanga and Hatha Flow, studying with Annick Sebanne at Austin’s Yoga Yoga.  After dedicated Ashtanga study for 3 years, she branched back out and started to, once again, incorporate a variety of styles into her practice.  Sarah’s 78704 YOGA classes reflect what she find to be the most useful elements from each school of yoga.

Sarah completed the 200 hour Yoga Yoga Hatha Flow teacher training program in June of 2012.  Her teachers included Rachel Hector, Ana Pilar Cruz, Mehtab Benton (Yoga Philosophy and Mantra), Eduardo Wayo Menachem Ramirez (Pranayama), Mark Uridel (Yoga Anatomy), and Libby Dembe (Yoga Philosophy).  She has also trained in LifeForce Yoga with Amy Weintraub and studied with Angela DiNunzio.

Sarah thought she *might* like teaching yoga, but is thrilled to have found that she LOVES it!


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