“THIS is how yoga is supposed to be — not the so-solemn-and-serious type of yoga, not the athletic-and-horribly-competitive yoga, where everyone is so intense on the pose that I hear gasping breath all over the room. Sarah’s yoga is (no pun intended) a breath of fresh air. She’s human, she’s welcoming, she’s funny, you can ask questions, and she knows what yoga is supposed to be. It’s supposed to be a focus on the breath, with poses you can adjust depending on your ability or desire, and she totally provides that, plus an environment where, regardless of your level, you can get reconnected to what yoga is. After so many classes at my gym and around town, with aggressive poses (really? headstand in a beginner class?) and people holding their breath, and the instructor allowing that to occur, Sarah’s class was one I will return to again and again.
Recommend HIGHLY.”
– Marlene M.

“Sarah transforms me.. emotionally.. spiritually.. physically.. mentally.. I just have to show up.”
– Tina V.


:Seriously, its like a BS and AS (haha “Before Sarah is BS”). Sarah is warm, wonderful, and hilarious! A MUST for ‘the rest of us’. Her classes are changing my life as we speak. Please, if you are missing yoga, or curious about trying it for the first time, check her out.  You’ll be glad you did.  (And, btw, Sarah, you kicked my *** in class today. Just what I needed! You always seem to know just what will work best for me on any given day. Your intuitive approach is really unique!)”
– Jessica S.

“You are a gifted yoga teacher and a really appreciate the good humour that you foster in class.”
– Virginia F.

“Sarah, you are awesome. I always get new ideas from your classes, inspiration from your home, and great tunes/vibes from you! Thanks so much for sharing your beauty and great ideas with us. The world needs more Sarah!”
– Yvette Marie L.

“Your approach was perfect… so body-aware, intentional, gentle yet DEEP. Very effective — I have not felt that good in my body for a very, very long time. I highly recommend Sarah’s classes. She is a true yogini-cowgirl, ready to lasso you into a better spot with precision and care.”
– Jessica W.

“Sarah is wonderful! Friendly and approachable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. She gracefully offers modifications up or down to your ability level, and her classes flow so smoothly. (Great music, too.) I walked out of my first class feeling like I was walking on air.”
– Alex M.

“Your class rocks… it is so nice to experience yoga in such an intimate setting!”
– Tillie P.

“I look forward to Sarah’s class each week.  She is very kind, patient, and knowledgeable.  She recommends modifications to help me maximize my yoga experience despite my restrictions.   She has a laid back approach that I really appreciate.”
– Michelle K.

“I can’t thank you enough for this class.  Today really pushed all the right buttons and released those badly-needed endorphins.  Very encouraging. “
– Kathleen M.

“I was charmed and amazed at how [Sarah] tailored it to my aged and creaking body without a hint of condescension, what fun it was, and how much better I felt. “
– Dale R.

“Sarah is relaxed and funny, and very approachable. Her classes are small, allowing for a more personal yoga experience and the opportunity to ask questions while you are actually trying to do the poses!  Very helpful.”
– Susan G.

“I have always wanted to do yoga, but was always scared away because I have it in my head that I am a klutz.  Last week, I went to Sarah’s yoga class and was blown away, first by how much I needed it (I had no idea I was so tight and how little I actually breathed!!!), and then by how safe and at ease I was during the whole class, especially when I realized that I was next to a seasoned yoga student who made it all look so easy.  Sarah made it so safe and comfortable and easy to BE at the level I was.  I never felt like a klutz because I couldn’t do certain poses like the others in the class.  I am totally hooked and see already what a difference Sarah’s ‘Yoga for Everyone’ is making for me.”
– Mike R.

“You completely rocked the house. You are down to earth with confident verbal delivery, lots of practical info, options, and some totally kick-asana tunes. Can’t go wrong with that!!!”
– Yvette Marie L.

“Sarah, you are such a fun teacher! Everyone, no matter what their style or level of experience, can feel completely comfortable learning from you. I love how relaxed your classes are and how laughter is always encouraged. Thanks for a great yoga experience!”
– Miranda G.

“That was *actually* a good class!”
– Virginia F.

“You are hilarious and kind – just like your web site says!”
– Rachel H.

“You’re teaching yoga in its purest form – Happy Yoga!”
– Lisa R.



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  1. sarah transforms me.. emotionally.. spiritually.. physically.. mentally.. i just have to show up.

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